Campus Crew Spreading the word about CampusRx

This is where the CRx Campus Crews come in. As a Campus Crew member (chosen by staff members of CRx), you will receive the following...

1-Year Free Subscription

Get a complimentary one (1) year subscription to Campus Rx (because we figure you can’t talk about how cool and easy it is if you don’t have it yourself).

Campus Crew Care Kit

Includes everything to get you on your way as an official member of the Campus Rx Campus Crew. This includes your Campus Rx welcome letter, an official Campus Rx t-shirt and hat, snacks, gift cards and other campus essentials.

Opportunities to Win Prizes

All expense paid spring break trips for you and a group of friends, iPads/iPhones, laptops, cash and more just for creative and popular ways of promoting Campus Rx. The more creative the better!

Campus Rx Sponsored Events

The chance to have Campus Rx sponsored events for teams and organizations that you are a part of on your campus.

PLUS Other cool surprises and access to exclusive members-only events.

Sign Up Now!

It is super easy to join the Campus Rx Crew!

Wouldn’t it be nice to actually be rewarded for all the work you put into that perfect selfie promoting Campus Rx on your GRAM, SnapChat, Facebook, Twitter and the nation of social media!? That’s what we thought. Go ahead, apply now. You just may be our next Campus Rx Campus Crew member!

This is what we’re looking for. Students that are:

  • Outgoing and ready to commit a couple of hours each week promoting Campus Rx in their area.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • In good standing at an institution in the United States. And yes, this includes vocational schools, universities, community colleges, art and design schools. (Basically anywhere students are attending some sort of class.)
  • Interested in finding out how they can win all sorts of cool prizes for doing what they do for free.

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